Amrita Multiplatform for Personalized Learning and Evaluation

AMPLE is a Learning Management System that supports rich multimedia content, Assessments and help to measure learning outcomes. AMPLE helps you to layout your entire course and manage content. Insights and measurement through question banks and assessments help with exact measurement of course outcomes and program outcomes. AMPLE works online on the cloud and on-premise without the use of internet (on a Campus LAN).


  • Detailed and insightful dashboards for learning objectives
  • Available in Cloud and Center level
  • Rich Question Bank
  • Mobile Based Assessments

AMPLE- Mobile Based Assessments
  • Create Question Papers
  • Multilingual; Courses can be available in different languages.
  • Learning gap analysis at various levels
    • Student
    • Teacher
    • Learning Centers
    • Cluster/ Group of Learning Centers

How AMPLE works?

  • AMPLE is available on cloud but keeping in mind that training is needed at learning centers, AMPLE can be installed at various centers, which works without internet.
  • The performance data from all the centers, collected using very low-bandwidth techniques are made available on a national server.
  • Allows the program managers to see the progress, the performance of the learners in any set of centers across India.
  • The program managers can monitor a variety of reports and dashboards.
Program Manger Dashboard- All Learning Center Stats
Center Manager Dashboard- Center Progress and Performance
Center Manager Dashboard- Class Performance (Heat Map)

Teacher Dashboard (Class Progress and Performance)


  • AMPLE is being used for delivering smart classrooms, called evidya for around 1024  govt schools in Chattisgarh  as part of CHiPs project.
  • AMPLE is being widely used by Amrita Viswa Vidyapeetham for various projects :
  • Outcome based Education (NAAC and NBA accredetition)
  • Smart Classrooms
  • Create Question Papers for Exam Cell
  • Admission Purposes
  • Track faculty SCOPUS papers and journals etc.
  • AMPLE is now used by various ITIs of India as a national blended training sytem.
  • AMPLE is used by Amrita Vidyalayams for smart classroom and promote active learning.

Recognitions for AMPLE

  • Tweet by N. Chandrababu Naidu, AP Chief minister on AMPLE
  • Facebook Innovation Award-2015

AMPLE (Mysangam )won Facebook’s ‎Innovation Challenge in 2015.  MySangham was selected as a winner in the category of   women empowerment.